As an accredited center with state of the art and international standards, the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) provides knowledge services to all members, stakeholders and partners. EBI masters various training areas with its edge in Banking training complemented by Managerial, Leadership, IT training, and two specialized training units for SME and Corporate Governance. In addition, EBI offers review courses, certificates and contractual programs, each created with top-class skills and knowledge in alignment with international standards.

Beyond training, EBI also undertakes a wide range of knowledge empowerment activities and services to disseminate knowledge through Research and Awareness, Assessment Tools, Consulting and Technical Assistance services.


Why choose The Egyptian Banking Institute?

Experience serving local and regional markets
EBI has a proven track record of implementing training initiatives on behalf of leading local and regional financial institutions.

A valuable resource of qualified instructors
Our courses are delivered by the best available instructors in the local market as well as international training experts and banking professionals.

Working with our Member Banks
EBI adapts all course curriculums and training methodologies to address the specific needs of the local banking sector without losing sight of the international context in ongoing dialogue with our Member Banks.

Mutual understanding and communication
Through public activities and research services, we translate the regulatory concerns of the CBE to member organizations and communicate to the CBE about the banking sector’s practical needs and concerns.


Training Portfolio


Beyond Training Services