As an accredited center with state of the art and international standards, the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) provides knowledge services to all members, stakeholders and partners. EBI masters various training areas with its edge in Banking training complemented by Managerial, Leadership, IT training, and a specialized training unit for SME. In addition, EBI offers review courses, certificates and contractual programs, each created with top-class skills and knowledge in alignment with international standards.

Beyond training, EBI also undertakes a wide range of knowledge empowerment activities and services to disseminate knowledge through Research and Awareness, Assessment Tools, Consulting and Technical Assistance services.


Beyond Training Services

Research and Awareness

The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) established the Research and Awareness Department back in 2003 to enhance discussions and raise awareness around topics of importance to the Egyptian Financial Services Industry.

The department’s services include hosting events such as annual conferences, seminars, workshops and awareness sessions, exploring in-depth topics, policy making subjects, solutions and recommendations contributing to the process of resolving and tackling challenges faced by the sector.


Assessment Services

Based on the Egyptian Banking Institute’s role in supporting and developing the human resources in the banking sector, and in accordance to the increase in banks’ needs for assessment services for measuring the skills and capabilities for employees in order to take the right and fair decision for hiring or promotion, the Assessment Services Unit was established aiming at providing organizations an ultimate tool for talent management through measuring the current and projected ability among employees in any organization.

The Assessment Services Unit provides assessment services and tools in various forms and objectives, either through EBI staff or EBI’s international partners specialized in the field. 


Contractual Programs

The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) offers customers the luxury of tailoring training courses to meet their changing business needs. Our experienced team builds a training curriculum that meets the clients’ specific requirements and the challenges they face allowing them to custom-design the course content, duration, timing and location.