At the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI), Social Responsibility is ingrained into the corporate culture and strategic objectives.

EBI’s CSR activities evolved throughout the years from philanthropy towards sustainable development, especially in critical areas that would create a sustainable Egyptian society; namely education.

Training for Employment

EBI signed a cooperation protocol with Cairo University’s community service sector in 2008 for implementing the “Training for Employment” which is directed to students of the fourth year, as well as fresh graduates of various colleges with the aim of bridging the gap between academic education and the labor market requirements by providing them with specialized training that qualify them to specialize in certain fields in accordance with the requirements of the banking and Financial Job market.

Following the success of this program, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) decided to sponsor the program in 2015 through a new initiative presented in accordance with EBI in order to make it accessible to all students in public universities in all governorates as well as providing financial literacy awareness sessions.

Shaping the Future

EBI launched ‘Shaping the Future’ in 2012, a National initiative under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt to enhance and implement Financial Literacy and the development of Friendly Financial Products for Children and Youth in Egypt and the Middle East.

The initiative aims in developing the financial well-being for Egyptian citizens to contribute to the national economic empowerment & viability.

EBI continues to take leaps in its social responsibility activities and how they are perceived and implemented. Sustainable development marks a milestone in EBI’s endeavors, which it works very hard to ensure and will continue to grow for the benefit of the society.