Research and Awareness Department:

The Research & Awareness Department main role is to raise awareness around topics of importance to the Egyptian Banking Sector.

Department’s Services:


The department undertakes a wide range of specialized events with the aim of discussing the latest topics that are of interest to the banking and financial sectors’ professionals and experts. International experts are also invited to share their global expertise on topics of particular relevance to the banking sector.

These events include annual conferences, seminars, workshops and awareness sessions, exploring in-depth topics, solutions and recommendations contributing to the process of resolving and tackling challenges faced by the banking sector.


The Research and Awareness Department delivers a series of publications, which cover a variety of important themes, trends and experiences in the field, aiming at increasing public awareness around topics of strategic relevance to the Egyptian Banking and financial Sector.

These publications include:

  • Financial Information: A series of publications aimed at raising public awareness about modern banking and financial terms
  • Specialized Research Papers: important and recent financial and banking topics reviewed and judged by distinguished practitioners and academic experts.
  • EBI Magazine: Issued quarterly, the magazine highlights Egyptian banks’ activities, banks top management visions and perceptions towards updated trends in the sector, in addition to EBI activities and initiatives announcement.
  • Financial literacy booklets: Publications issued regularly tackling the most important financial concepts in an attractive simple way targeting youth to raise their financial awareness

Research Competition

An annual research competition is held to encourage young researchers in the banking sector to present their vision on a certain topic related to the financial and banking sector.