I would like to welcome you in an overview about the activities of the Egyptian Banking Institute, where we review together its activities from both quantity and quality perspectives. EBI has achieved a number of successes in its journey for superiority in the banking training market. It is also keen to cross the boundaries of training to become a unique knowledge hub and center of excellence, where learners and trainees, either from within or outside the banking sector, head to first.


Before I go on reciting the achievements and success stories of EBI throughout the past years, I would like to thank all the previous executive directors of the institute, for all their accomplishments. If it were not for their wise leadership, EBI would not have been the EBI. I would like to underline the huge responsibility placed on my humble-self; not only to nourish these accomplishments, but to steer EBI towards more challenges and accomplishments. I hope that my new role as the current executive director becomes another step on the roadmap of success and distinction.


In the context of expanding its activities of training and improvement of provided services and initiatives, the Institute offered one of the most unique features in the training market; the Demo-Bank. This model serves different training goals ranging from customer service and back-office functions, where the model simulates the environment of the true bank as to allow the trainees to break the barrier between training and actual practice within the interactive environment provided by the Demo-Bank.

The Institute succeeded as well in concentrating more on its role as a knowledge hub and center of excellence, where its role does not stop at the borders of coaching and training, but extends to accommodate partnerships with international bodies that include:

  • Frankfurt School of Finance
  • Euromoney Learning Solutions
  • Moody’s Analytics
  • Fitch Learning
  • Cardiff Business School

These partnerships have contributed to the enrichment of a set of training packages, through which the Institute seeks to develop the training objectives to serve the needs and requirements of member banks. These packages are available in English and Arabic; allowing the attraction of more trainees and increase the segment of beneficiaries. They are also characterized by their new interactive nature and training methodologies. The packages include:

  • Human Resources
  • Leadership Development
  • Skills for Success
  • Sales/Marketing/ Customer Care
  • Credit & Risk.
  • Banking Operations
  • Investment & Treasury
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Accounting & Audit
  • Islamic Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Corporate Governance

In line with the importance of the SME sector, as well as the several initiatives and directions of the Central Bank of Egypt regarding financing SMEs, the SME Unit at EBI is constantly introducing new SME banking training topics and international best practices in cooperation with renowned international training providers. Moreover, to bridge the gap between the banks and Small and Medium enterprises, several training and awareness sessions are conducted in different Governorates, addressing SMEs, on how to successfully deal with banks. In addition, to expose the banking sector to different successful SME Banking models and international best practices, the SME Unit designs special study tours to countries advanced in SME banking; aiming at expanding the financial services to the SME sector.

Moreover, in December 2015 EBI took the initiative to establish the “Assessment Services Unit”. The Assessment Services Unit aims at providing organizations with an ultimate tool for talent management through measuring the current and projected ability (Behavior/Technical) among employees in any organization for the purpose of recruitment, promotion or development. Moreover, all these services are executed through EBI or EBI’s local/international partners specialized in the field.

I do understand that staying on top is not easy, but I am confident that EBI team will continue exerting all efforts, not only to maintain this success but to go beyond it.