The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) was established under the Egyptian Law No. 78 in 1991 by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to act as its official training arm and apply the international best practices in developing the technical and managerial skills of financial sector professionals with a vision to be the premier financial services training and research center in Egypt and the surrounding region. Under this Law, the Institute was governed by a Board of Trustees,

including the Governor of the CBE and the Institute’s Executive Director

In 2003, the Institute was redefined as a separate entity under the Egyptian Law No. 88 with an independent budget and governed by a Board of Directors, headed by the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt. Since then, the Institute has experienced significant growth and development in terms of the size and diversity of its constituency, training facilities, internal resources and most importantly, its training services and products.

ACCET Accreditation:

In April 2009, EBI was awarded its first accreditation for a 5 year term by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) to become the first accredited financial training institute in Egypt and the region. In December 2014, EBI was re-accredited for a new term of 5 years until December 2019 for its strategic plan and continuous organizational commitment for quality training and adherence to international quality standards.

Training Courses provided

EBI masters various training areas with its edge in banking training complemented by managerial, leadership, IT training, and two specialized training units for SME and Corporate Governance. Furthermore, we offer review courses, certificates, contractual programs and a bundle of services, each created with top-class skills and knowledge in alignments with international standards. Beyond training, EBI undertakes a wide range of knowledge empowerment activities and services to disseminate knowledge through Research and Awareness, Assessment Tools, Consulting and Technical Assistance services.

Arab Banking Training Networking Establishment

With a strong network in the MENA region, EBI established the Arab Banking Training Network (ABTN) and is a member in the African Institute of Bankers and the European Banking Training Network (EBTN).

EBI extends its strength through partnerships with leading international training institutions to introduce the best and latest international practices and financial trends to the banking and financial sectors.

CSR Activities

As a community responsible institution, EBI launched CSR initiatives aiming to develop various community segments, These initiatives inculde:

  • Shaping The Future Initiative

EBI launched Shaping the Future in 2012, a National initiative under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to enhance and implement Financial Literacy and the development of Friendly Financial Products for Children and Youth in Egypt and the Middle East.

  • Training For Employment Initiative

In addition to recognizing the importance of youth employment, CBE launched Training for Employment initiative in accordance with EBI to students in public universities with the aim of bridging the gap between academic education and the labor market requirements through financial literacy awareness sessions


Our Philosophy