The International Cooperation and Donor Projects Unit introduces the best international practices and latest financial trends to the Egyptian Banking and Financial Sector, through conducting in-country and out-of-country programs. Conducting in-country and out-of-country programs enhances the technical and managerial skills of the entire sector in order to bridge the gap between the Egyptian and international know-how.  In addition, we maintain successful relations with donors, to support EBI’s initiatives and assist in achieving its objectives.

Our objectives are to conduct up-to-date international programs and certifications to enhance bankers’ skills and competencies.  We always consider the banking and financial sectors needs to provide the most appropriate programs and certifications and organize international study tours with highly reputable organizations to expose bankers to new trends.

It is our strategic responsibility to approach appropriate donors and utilize funds reasonably to support EBI’s activities and new initiatives, and to act as a demand-driven unit to the market needs, and to assist banks in maintaining appropriate international exposure. It is also worth mentioning that EBI strived to present to the Egyptian Banking Sector a variety of well-established certifications such as Certified Islamic Professional Accountant (CIPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in cooperation with Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), and Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCS).

Highlights on some of EBI’s International Partners

Agence de Transfert Technologie Financiere (ATTF)
A partnership with ATTF started in 2004, where ATTF supported and offered a bundle of overseas internships/multinational seminars and in-house programs.

Ashridge Business School
A partnership with Ashridge Business School started in 2014 as part of EBI’s flagship program; the ‘Future Leaders’. Ashridge added a new perspective of experiential learning to Egyptian bankers, where they enjoyed and learned new aspects of Leadership and Team Building.

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FS)
A partnership with FS started in 2013 where they cooperated in a number of in-house training programs as well as technical and experiential learning study tours. Frankfurt School is a reputable business school and accredited by a number of international accreditation bodies.

Fitch Learning
A partnership with Fitch Learning started in 2013 to provide technical banking in-house training programs. Fitch Learning is one of the most recognizable international training providers.

Graduate School of Banking (GSB) – University of Wisconsin – Madison
A partnership with the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison started in 2008. The partnership offered a number of Egyptian bankers to travel to the United Sates for two weeks for three consecutive years to obtain their degree.  Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been widely recognized as being the best and most progressive banking school in the United Sates.