The Egyptian Banking Institute’s library is a knowledge and learning center that has a comprehensive range of English and Arabic finance periodicals, leading news and current affairs publications as well as audiovisuals and course materials addressing several fields such as Economics, Accounting and Administration as well as Modern Science such as Information Technology and Decision Support Systems and Total Quality Management. Everyone is welcome to navigate and search through various references and up-to-date databases free of charge within the library premises. EBI’s skilled librarians offer advice and support for users in finding references, locating and collating a wide range of source material on the researchers’ behalf.

EBI’s library works on the development of its holdings alongside technical operations like indexing, classification and objective analysis using the Smart Library System (SLS). Furthermore, the library includes a selection of information sources in various forms (paper or electronic) in Arabic and English emphasizing on the importance of generating the best news coverage different fields across all media including books, references, statistics, periodicals, reports, conferences, studies and research, masters and doctoral thesis and internet files.

Moreover, the library issues a daily bulletin to all its members containing recent news and current events regarding the banking, financial and economic sectors, which allows employees to stay update with all trends in the financial and banking sector in particular on the local and international level.

You can get in touch with the library’s team through the email: library@ebi.gov.eg


Library Services

  • External Borrowing Service
    • Materials can be borrowed from the library by telephone or the library site. Only two books are allowed to be taken at a time for 14 days and can be renewable for another 14 days.
  • Internal Access Service
    • The library provides internal access service at any time as there are materials that can’t be lent out, such as doctoral dissertations, masters, encyclopedias and periodicals.
  • Reference Service or Guidance
    • Through this service, beneficiaries get all their inquiries answered and receive the information they need in their fields of study or research. Furthermore, trainings on how to use the different references are provided.
  • Database Searching Service
    • Through this service, beneficiaries learn how to access information through databases available on the internet.
  • Selective Dissemination of Information Service (SDI)
    • The library registers subscribers’ information to notify them of new information sources.
  • Daily Bulletin
    • A daily bulletin is issued everyday with news from daily newspapers and weekly magazines.
  • Working hours
    • Every day from 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM, except Friday and Saturday.
    • Ramadan working hours: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Membership
    • A membership is available to all beneficiaries with quarterly, bi-annual and annual subscription fees.